Matilda has been sat on three eggs for five days now so I have moved her to a separate little house as it looks as though she means business. I moved her and her eggs at night on Saturday and she hasn’t left them since. She moves them around her little house as she’s always sitting in a different spot when I check in on her.
Once a day she’s let out for about ten minutes or so to stretch her legs, she clucks hysterically while she’s scratching around like she can’t wait to get back to her eggs.
There are still three under her so we are looking at around the 8th of May for our due date if all goes well. It’s not quite the number of I would have chosen but Matilda seemed quite certain that these three eggs were quite perfect for her.

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  1. Good luck Matilda!


  2. Good luck Matilda. If they hatch on time they will arrive on my birthday.


  3. Matilda is wise – triplets must be quite a handful, so why add to them.


  4. Good luck Matilda. Mum knows best!!!!! xx


  5. Three eggs to hatch, when you have three children? Sounds perfect to me! I’m “laying” bets that the names will be Fluffy, Beaky and Chicky, or something similar!


  6. margaret wilkinson

    aaaah I hope all goes well and she gets her lovely chicks in the end mx


  7. Good luck Matilda, triplets!


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