Princess Evie…

…has pinched all my scarves and is now Princess Elsa the Ice Queen.
frozen evie

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  1. Is he holding on or hiding? 🙂


  2. I’m sure she makes a very beautiful queen Elsa!


  3. Evie looks beautiful and very regal ( even without a crown). Is Arnie her pageboy?!


  4. Maureen Mycock

    We have the snowman here, in ballet shoes!


  5. 🎵….the cold never bothered me anyway…..🎵
    Love that film, hubby bought me for my birthday, never mind the kids! ⛄️❄️


  6. My kids (girl 7, boy 4) are obsessed with this movie…they run around the house singing the songs…and repeating their favourite quotes from Olaf the Snowman “Watch out for my Butt!” and “It’s like an itty-bitty unicorn!”(in reference to his nose, complete with actions).


  7. haha.. my niece doin’ it too.. frozen is so crazyy..


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