The picnic basket.

I have an old wicker basket and today I filled it up with sandwiches, drinks and crisps and gave it to the kids to take out into the garden.
There’s nothing more pleasing than lifting your food out of a basket, I’m sure it tastes better too.
the picnic basket

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  1. You mean it’s not raining there?


  2. Did you remind them not to feed the bears?


  3. Oooh, picnics! How I love ’em! It doesn’t matter what you eat outside, it ALWAYS tastes nicer… and you eat so much more.. HOORAY!


  4. Dear Doodlemum,
    Love your doodles, will be sharing it with my little one. Best wishes! 🙂


  5. That’s what I was thinking– a nice sunny day in Wales?


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