Angel with a scowly face.

Mr grumpy pants it’s been a delightful day, thank you so much.
Start again tomorrow eh?
angel with a scowly face

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  1. This was my day with my students this morning. Found myself saying, “Clean slate tomorrow?” more than once. LOL!


  2. He is definitely entering adolescence no matter what his age.


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  4. What’s up DM – your entire family come down with adolescentosis?


  5. Oh dear… I’m assuming he didn’t do a “Mrs Doyle” from father Ted….. No, No, No ,no, no….yes!? Maybe you should invest in some good earphones, or spend quality time with your chickens… or a bottle of wine!


  6. Gee Whiz, those are some fierce eyebrows.

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  7. epicaldragon13

    Even the cat looks frightened!


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