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…inside the slide. Very very serious.
dont laugh

A sticky situation.

big stick little stick

Amazing feats of the ordinary. Part two.

This is the “keeping your eyes closed for the longest” game.
amazing feats 2

A sea of sharks…

…lies beneath!
sea of sharks

Caught red handed.

So that’s where you sleep when we’re out Bonnie!
caught red handed

Amazing feats of the ordinary.

feats of the ordinary

What turns a rainy day into a sunny day?

A Joe’s ice cream of course down Mumbles way of course.
Even the dampest, wettest of bank holiday drizzle cannot ever wash away the pleasure of eating that stuff.
joes ice cream and rain

Lightsaber versus sword.

Just a normal rainy day in the Stevens household.
lightsaber versus sword

Butter and Ninja.

The chicks are now two weeks old. I insisted that we don’t name these chicks until we know their sex but that seems to have fallen by the wayside because the kids have found a way around that.
I won’t insult your intelligence by pointing out who is who.
butter and ninja

I vote because I can.

i vote

The hose pipe.

I count myself lucky that our children have got to the ages of 11, 6 and 4 years before they realised what would happen if they picked up the hose pipe.
Today was that day….
hose pipe


Lots of cushions when you’re not well Millie and one for the cat doctor too.

Tell me a story before I go to bed.

Every bedtime, without fail, Arnie climbs the stairs and waits in my bedroom for a story. Then he goes in with Evie to her room and sleeps there all night.
Tonight’s story was a bit difficult as I’m not able to read through fur so I made up the words.
cat story

What no story?

Evie’s mastering silent reading much to the annoyance of Gruff!
silent reading

The paddling pool…

…is out!
paddling pool

A girl, a chicken and a feather.


Heulog. (Sunny).

Arnie is making the most of the morning sun.

Withering looks.

If looks could kill, that dinner has had it.
if looks

After school fun.

Lovely that everyone can pile in the garden after school. Bonnie takes full advantage and brings all her favourite toys out for the kids to play with her.


fell over

Keeping mum.

Matilda will stay in her own little house for the next few weeks as the chicks grow a little bigger, they are currently the size of golf balls!
We’ve sectioned off part of the pen so that the other hens can’t come and see them for the time being. This is so the chicks stay safe in case some of the other hens take a dislike to them.
Everyone is smitten with them, they ludicrously fluffy and very inquisitive, jumping all over poor mum. Matilda is doing a sterling job and they have had a lesson in scratching and eating today. The chicks spend most of their time hidden, folded inside Matilda’s warm feathers.

Matildas chicks



Going cheep.

I’ll put you all out of your misery, we have two chicks! One hatched yesterday afternoon and the other today, it looks as though the other egg isn’t viable.
We have one little yellow chick and one black chick both of which are very lively and very noisy, a good job too as we can’t see much of them at the moment as they’re hiding under Mam to keep warm.
Well done Matilda!


… another book out today, it’s called My Daddy Says.
It follows the first book My Mummy Says. I hope you like it.
Hopefully I’ll have some very exciting news to share tomorrow concerning Matilda and her eggs, keep your fingers crossed as we’ve had a hair raising day!

A little light…

…when you’re scared of the dark.
little light

Please come down…

…I don’t bite.
I don't bite

Heavy load.

double load

At the top of the garden.

At the top of the garden there is a chair leaning against the garage doors.
Normally Millie can be found there, knee deep in a good book amongst the dandelions.
Sometimes though, Millie’s books decide someone else should read them…
top of the garden


Tonight’s post is brought to you by a nice glass of sauvignon blanc.
wine o clock

Millie’s party.

Celebrating your birthday with the most lovely bunch of friends, absolutely priceless!
Oh and Bonnie was allowed out at the end to hoover up the jelly…
party time may 2014


I’ve been making Millie’s birthday cake for her party tomorrow.
It’s got character, I’ll bet it tastes nice too…I hope….
cakey cakey

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