Millie’s party.

Celebrating your birthday with the most lovely bunch of friends, absolutely priceless!
Oh and Bonnie was allowed out at the end to hoover up the jelly…
party time may 2014

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  1. wow, this is beautiful


  2. I’m now imagining Bonnie like one of those things in Zorg’s office (‘The Fifth Element’).


  3. When our golden retriever was let in after a party, he cleaned up like a hoover and then licked the floor clean. Very useful. Why is Millie not among the rogue’s gallery in the borders of your blog?


  4. Did Bonnie hoover up the cake as well, or had the children already done that bit? ( I don’t know what type(s) of dog Bonnie is, but she could be a “chocolate” labrador !) I hope you all had a fabulous day x


  5. 😀 Bonnie is one half boxer, and the rest is labrador, german shepherd and west highland terrier. (DNA test results done a few years ago). She’s a good mix!


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