A little light…

…when you’re scared of the dark.
little light


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  1. I’m still afraid of the dark… So I keep a night light too.

  2. Is it massively sad that I’m 31 and have a little light? Yes, yes it is. I’ve answered my own question. Night night!

  3. I’m still afraid of the dark. I have to have my tv light on in the night. This was very moving.

  4. … except now we understand that even the smallest amount of light affects the function of sleep.

  5. I used to stick “glow in the dark” stars on my daughter’s ceiling when she was little- they’d glow long enough for her to fall asleep to, and later, loved her light up globe. I hope he slept better, and happier, last night x

  6. We did the same thing for my 4 year old. Seems to help for the most part. 🙂

  7. We all need a little light in the dark …

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