… another book out today, it’s called My Daddy Says.
It follows the first book My Mummy Says. I hope you like it.
Hopefully I’ll have some very exciting news to share tomorrow concerning Matilda and her eggs, keep your fingers crossed as we’ve had a hair raising day!

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  1. Congratulations! Looks wonderful!


  2. good for you……. well done.


  3. Ah… the sound of a career taking off!


  4. Congratulations. I hope it does really really well for you.


  5. Fantastic news, well done Angie! I love your “My Mummy says” book, hopefully this one will get some Father’s Day sales. Fingers crossed for Matilda’s safe hatching of her eggs. Did your children ever have the books”Dora’s Eggs” or “Handa’s Surprise” when they were a little younger? I’ve been reading “Dora’s Eggs” to a 3 year old little boy, he loves it! ( So do I , and I am a LOT older than 3!) Sorry that you had a hair raising day, I hope all is peace, calm and serenity again. Haha !


  6. Oooh, tempting news about the eggs!


  7. Congratulations on another book!


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