Going cheep.

I’ll put you all out of your misery, we have two chicks! One hatched yesterday afternoon and the other today, it looks as though the other egg isn’t viable.
We have one little yellow chick and one black chick both of which are very lively and very noisy, a good job too as we can’t see much of them at the moment as they’re hiding under Mam to keep warm.
Well done Matilda!

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  1. I’m envious!


  2. Keep them safe. Arnie, they new chicks are not dinner.


  3. margaret wilkinson

    brilliant news for you all good luck with the new arrivals mx


  4. janetknight57

    Congratulations Matilda twins! x


  5. How exciting!


  6. Cracking news! Well done, Matilda, and congratulations to you, Angie- the role of midwife ( even to a chicken) can be very stressful!


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