Butter and Ninja.

The chicks are now two weeks old. I insisted that we don’t name these chicks until we know their sex but that seems to have fallen by the wayside because the kids have found a way around that.
I won’t insult your intelligence by pointing out who is who.
butter and ninja

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  1. I finally stopped naming mine, it seems like the only ones that get eaten are the ones I love enough to name. Therefore they are all “chickies” or “the girls”. Our rooster, Randy, is the only named chicken who managed to make it so Randy he shall remain…. Love your sketch by the way!


  2. Ha ha, clever children! A friend of mine was given “female” chicks….. but at least two of them strut around her garden, “Cock a doodling” every morning! By the way, my daughter went somewhere posh, and was given something cooked in black butter!


  3. Bahaha!! Excellent names!! Much more interested than something like Jill and Joe :p


  4. Goldie and Blackie…maybe, LOL


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