What turns a rainy day into a sunny day?

A Joe’s ice cream of course down Mumbles way of course.
Even the dampest, wettest of bank holiday drizzle cannot ever wash away the pleasure of eating that stuff.
joes ice cream and rain

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  1. Great sketch – we have a soft ice cream place near our home and they generate enough income during the summer – they don’t have to work the rest of the year


  2. Worth a visit if you’re ever in Scotland: http://www.stewart-tower.co.uk/


  3. Oooh, ice cream! it’s never too cold, wet or windy for a cornet ! ( Well, it might be, really, but no one will convince me, unless it’s to give me a tub of the stuff instead!) We’ve just had a couple of days in Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, and the “Cream 0′ Galloway ” ice cream is scrumdiddlyumptious- especially the sticky toffee or real raspberry flavours.


  4. thegracefulabode

    This is great!


  5. Urban legend has it that you get more icecream in a wafer than a cone or tub. I always have a wafer. I’m not greedy, no, not 😉


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