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It’s been a falling over kind of day for GRuff. It’s taken an extra enormous big plaster to cover the graze on his knee this time.
hole in my knee

Chicken empathy.

Yes the chicken wins the who can capture my emotional state competition most perfectly whilst in the midst of a pree teen meltdown from oldest daughter. (Either that or I draw her having said meltdown).
I won’t do that though as I think this chicken expresses perfectly my current state of being.
Cluckety cluck cluck.
headless chicken

There is more than one way to catch a frisbee.

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And here she is…

…complete with fabby pirate skirt made from scraps of material.
Go get me some treasure!
girl pirate

The making of a pirate.

I’m making a pirate skirt for Evie. I hope she likes it. I sew like I draw so the finished result is going to be…erm…interesting…
making a pirate


Gruff and I have been on a school nursery trip today to an animal park.

Chicks update.

Butter and Ninja, our chicks, are now six weeks old. They still cheep like chicks but are looking more like mini adult chickens now. They are almost fully feathered and being mixed breeds are looking quite colourful.
I’m still not too sure what we have but my guess is they are both girls. Time will tell.
chicks at 6 weeks

The artist’s daughter…

…can ask a question like this!
bright brown

Ooh you’ve caught the sun!

Quelle surprise, I love having that pointed out to me.

Living dangerously.

living dangerously

Contemplating putting the washing out.



Picked warm, sweet and juicy. Served with toes in the sand and a sea view.

Paddling pool fun.


Poker face.

Where’s my bread Bonnie? Have you seen it?
poker face

Queen of the castle.

Millie loved to climb when she was little. She’s recently rediscovered this love and has seen the merit of climbing as high as possible…
queen of the castle

Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Well this is a first…
whos been sleeping

Summer hat.

I may have squealed just too loudly in t he shop when I saw this hat today…
leopard hat


Gruff managed to slide his arm between two metal poles on a slide in the park today and wedge his arm good and proper.
Millie tried to free him for a bit and then realised he wasn’t budging so came and got me. His poor arm was swelling out and it didn’t look like we could free it without causing him more pain.

Thankfully a sensible Mum (not me) climbed up on to the slide and rolled his arm upwards or otherwise it would have been a call to the Fire Brigade….



play with me

Meet your mother…

That awkward chat show moment when you meet your biological mother who laid you as an egg but left you to be incubated by another…
meet your mother

Hide and seek.

hide and seek




That’s me told!

Watching the fur fly.

Arnie’s moulting…everywhere…I wonder is it a sign of a good summer?
watching the fur fly

Dressing up time.

dressing up

Wonder dog.

The latest creation of Evie and Gruff’s dressing up box…
wonder dog


Evie’s moment came this afternoon when the little black chick, Ninja decided that if it was alright for mum to feed out of her hand then it was safe for it to do so too.
The smile on her face was worth ten Christmases.
feeding chickies

Sore paws.

Bonnie has cut one of her pads open while running on the beach. I think it must have been glass.
No running until it has healed. (Sorry Bonnie).
sore paw

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