Sore paws.

Bonnie has cut one of her pads open while running on the beach. I think it must have been glass.
No running until it has healed. (Sorry Bonnie).
sore paw

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  1. Poor Bonnie. It’s hard to stay quiet and heal when you’re a dog and the world is full of interesting smells (not to mention children to play with).


  2. Simple and elegant….. love how draw and describe your life in such vividity with few colors…..


  3. Och, the puir wee soul! 😦


  4. Oh poor paw, (not to be confused with a paw-paw, but you never know, it might help it to heal- it would be nice to lick, probably ( never had one, no idea!). I’ve seen dogs with their back legs on a trolley, and they can really whizz about- just get a surgical shoe fitted, first! Seriously, I hope she’s better very soon.


  5. Shame – poor Bonnie.


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