Evie’s moment came this afternoon when the little black chick, Ninja decided that if it was alright for mum to feed out of her hand then it was safe for it to do so too.
The smile on her face was worth ten Christmases.
feeding chickies

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  1. Oh bless her. What a precious moment.


  2. Cheep cheep, weep weep, this is so lovely, I AM actually crying! Your doodle is also worth 10 Christmases, a wonderful moment, captured forever, thank you x


  3. doodlemum fan

    That’s how Jane Goodall got started — patiently waiting to see how a chicken lays an egg.


  4. What a beautiful moment, thank you for sharing it with us x


  5. Wow !!! I can imagine the smile on her face, the twinkle in her eyes and some giggles perhaps


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