Gruff managed to slide his arm between two metal poles on a slide in the park today and wedge his arm good and proper.
Millie tried to free him for a bit and then realised he wasn’t budging so came and got me. His poor arm was swelling out and it didn’t look like we could free it without causing him more pain.

Thankfully a sensible Mum (not me) climbed up on to the slide and rolled his arm upwards or otherwise it would have been a call to the Fire Brigade….


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  1. Qui s’emmerde se démerde!


  2. poor Gruff, lovely story aniway


  3. Oh poor Gruff – he has to stop trying to see if he can fit into awkward spaces….this is the second “I’m stuck” pose in a week! I hope he recovered quickly. Just remembered, when my daughter was 9, yes, 9, she decided to stick her finger up her…. ( steady there), red plastic recorder, “just to see if I can get it ‘out again”. You guessed it, she couldn’t, and although it came free after 10 minutes, it did look as if we might have to go to hospital, by bus, to get it removed! You just CAN’T stop ’em sticking things where they shouldn’t…..!


  4. I bet he won’t do that one again!


  5. doodlemum fan

    Last Sept I watched the changing of the guard in London and a local person said once in a while a little kid will stick his head thru the fence and get it stuck. The fire brigade greases him up and he slides right out again.


  6. awww.. poor lil guy!


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