Chicks update.

Butter and Ninja, our chicks, are now six weeks old. They still cheep like chicks but are looking more like mini adult chickens now. They are almost fully feathered and being mixed breeds are looking quite colourful.
I’m still not too sure what we have but my guess is they are both girls. Time will tell.
chicks at 6 weeks

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  1. Gender roles are changing…. even with chickens! I have a friend with many chickens- one of whom crows and struts ( whilst still laying eggs), a cockerel who is happy to sit on eggs all day, and yet another who, having laid her eggs, has abandoned them in favour of her “man” across the road! Let’s hope you have girls ( who don’t crow)- one noisy , cocky cockerel is enough for any household/ street/ farm!


  2. doodlemum fan

    I love their expressions.


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