The making of a pirate.

I’m making a pirate skirt for Evie. I hope she likes it. I sew like I draw so the finished result is going to be…erm…interesting…
making a pirate


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  1. Pauline Richards

    If you sew like you draw if will be wonderful :))))))) x

  2. Does that mean your pen goes ‘BRRRRRRRR’?

  3. And Arnie is helping you 🙂

  4. it will be wonderful, funny and interesting.

  5. Anything Mum makes is perfect.

  6. Funnily enough, I have just received a metre of skulls fabric through the post, and have a pirate patch handy in my bag at all times! I be wishin’ yer pirate lass pieces o’eight, and hope ye be not walkin’ the plank!

  7. Waiting o see the outcome! 🙂

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