Chicken empathy.

Yes the chicken wins the who can capture my emotional state competition most perfectly whilst in the midst of a pree teen meltdown from oldest daughter. (Either that or I draw her having said meltdown).
I won’t do that though as I think this chicken expresses perfectly my current state of being.
Cluckety cluck cluck.
headless chicken


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  1. Been there. I don’t mean the thing with the chicken.


  2. teenage/adolescence/incomprehensibility starts at about 10 these days


  3. Julia Lambert

    Oh how I sympathise. My daughter started down this hellish journey at about age 9/10 and she is now 15. There are days I’d like to leave home :o( – I can only wish you luck x


  4. My niece was pre-teen hellish from 5 ( probably even from birth), then hit 13, and has remained delightful ever since ( she’s now 19). At least you have a chicken who understands- has she got a pre- teen daughter, too?! As you can’t leave home ( or at least, only during school hours), I suggest abandoning all housework and spending as much time with your chickens as possible….. not a bad idea, even when/ if the children are all sweetness and light!


  5. Made me laugh thanks. And don’t worry too much they do get better as they get older x


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