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Soggy shoes.

I’ve seen drier dunked biscuits Evie!
soggy shoes

Simple science.

Shredded ball cannot be fetched Bonnie…
simple science


sistersdoing it

Purry happy to see you.

It’s only been a few days but Arnie is ecstatic to see us! He has been well looked after by our lovely cat and chicken sitter.
purry happy

Postcards from Port Eynon.


Postcards from Port Eynon.


Postcards from Port Eynon.

Sorry signal is rubbish so I’ve prepared some drawings of our stay for the next three nights.


Gone camping.

Sorry for the delay. Silly phone signal stopped me posting last night. Boy is it hot. Makes a change from moaning about the sun!




Summer art school.

Lesson one: Paint on what you see.
summer art school

No one to play with.

Perhaps we’ll start by letting go of the football first shall we?
no one will play football

I saw a mouse…

…well evidence of the rodent variety in my greenhouse taking little chunks out of my beefsteak tomatoes.
Care to do anything about that Arnie?
theres a mouse

School’s out!

Say no more!
schools out


Tonight all my hens decided it was a good idea to squeeze themselves into the nest box and not roost on the roosting perch.

I love this book.

i love this book

Prom girl.

Millie graduated from her primary school today with a lovely leavers assembly followed by a prom, (with limousines, DJ and buffet).
She has literally blossomed in front of our eyes over the last two years in her new school and to say how happy we are would be putting it mildly. She received a special award for the most improved pupil.
Just goes to show if you don’t like the path you’re on, bloody well change it!

prom girl

I want to be alone.

I would too if I refused to eat any of my tea and then realised that Mum was serving pink blancmange for pudding…
i want to be alone

Bearded wisdom of the day.

bearded wisdom

New bling.

New hat, new pierced ears. Looking fabulous Millie!



Evie loves her old tatty cat.


And he wasn’t asked either.


Millie has completed her two transition days for the comprehensive school she’ll be attending in September.
I dropped her off by a lane outside the school so she could walk in with her friends, (no waving allowed).
She got lost twice, managed the canteen and actually thinks it’ll do just fine as her new school.
And now I can breathe…
big times

Smile for the sketchbook.

I’ve been drawing caricatures for the children at our school fête today. The children who posed for me all sat beautifully and were an absolute pleasure to draw. I adore drawing children and this was so much fun!
Funnily enough, Evie, Gruff and Millie were wondering when it was their turn!
smile for the sketchbook


Gruff is becoming all arms and legs.
Bonnie doesn’t mind her friend getting bigger, it just means those stick throws get longer and better.



Imagine a dragon.

Yes imagine a dragon, just a little one. One that could fit most perfectly around the top of your shoulders.
One that only you can see.
This little dragon can tell you to do all sorts of things you wouldn’t normally do but as the dragon made you do it, it makes it ok.

Oh and just for your benefit you can all see it tonight, (apart from me as I’m Mum and Mums don’t get to see dragons).

This little dragon is very lovely and makes sure that all your dreams are nice ones when you fall asleep at night.
They also incinerate Mum’s dinners if they taste horrible.
I haven’t seen Gruff for a while come to think of it, I hope the dragon didn’t get him…
imagine a dragon

Big mouth.

big mouth

Cold water.

Going into an outdoor Lido like Blackpill is always exciting. Coming out is always another matter!
lido cold

Let the right one in .

Arnie knows where the cat flap is but being a true gentleman, prefers to be welcomed in through the front door with a fanfare.
letv the right one in

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