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  1. Poor old Arnie- he probably only ever lies down for “forty winks” , but that’s the time you’re prowling with your pen! (although, I personally believe that he’s only ever awake for the equivalent of forty winks, in any one day… most cats are!)

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  2. catherinereynolds6

    Does Arnie have the 3 white paws and 1 gray as you drew him? He looks so much like Bootsie, one of our first fluffy cats. His two back paws were white. Is the gray wash done with watercolors? I love your pictures! Do your children draw, too?


    • He actually has four white paws Catherine! I accidentally coloured it in last night with tired eyes! I use Faber Castell brush pens and tom bow pens too. All my kids love to draw although I never push them, it’s for them to grow to love in their own way.


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