Millie has completed her two transition days for the comprehensive school she’ll be attending in September.
I dropped her off by a lane outside the school so she could walk in with her friends, (no waving allowed).
She got lost twice, managed the canteen and actually thinks it’ll do just fine as her new school.
And now I can breathe…
big times

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  1. Catherine Becker Reynolds

    Starting at a new school is harder on the mothers than the kids, I think. You and Millie are equally brave! Good luck to you both, come September!


  2. Know how that feels. I’m a Brit, and went to Comprehensive school. My oldest started Middle School here last year (age 12). I looked like a deer in the headlights for the first month!


  3. Good luck Millie – it’s a big step towards growing up.


  4. Blimey, Angie, big changes for Millie and Gruff come September- is Evie staying at her old school? I’m glad Millie survived her induction days- when my daughter started “Big School”, aged 11, she couldn’t find the toilets for the first 2 days. She came running into the house, shouting “out of my way!” as she raced up the stairs! Advice to all new starters- find out where the loos are!


  5. Natasha Sephton

    Well done Millie! Elsie is having a week at her new junior school this week as well – and I think she thinks it will suit her just fine too! Well done our brave girls!


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