I want to be alone.

I would too if I refused to eat any of my tea and then realised that Mum was serving pink blancmange for pudding…
i want to be alone

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  1. You captured that perfectly!


  2. I’ll sneak him a bar of chocolate…


  3. I didn’t know pink blancmange still existed!


  4. Ooooh, how terrible for him! Had you made it all wibbly-wobbly in a lovely mould? We used to have some dinosaur moulds for such things, which would have only increased Gruff’s pain! Advice to Gruff ( and all other DoodleDudes)… find out what ( if any ) pudding is on offer, before refusing your tea!


  5. Very important to act like you don’t care at that age! Bet he’ll think before refusing to eat the next time!


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