School’s out!

Say no more!
schools out

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  1. Hope they have a great holiday!


  2. HOORAY! Summer here we come! Wishing each of you a really happy, sunny (!) summer holiday xx ps Angie, has a wee “Summer holiday” giftie arrived for you, from me, in a pink EB box? No need to say “thank you”, but I’d be relieved to know that it arrived safely, as I guessed your address!


  3. It was sent straight from the website, with no opportunity for me to put a gift note in, or to request the price to be left off, so please disregard the invoice! If it hasn’t come by Tuesday, please let me know. x


  4. love the simplistic drawings and they are full of life, got to admire people who can draw/paint so well. No, perhaps envy is the word because I see the pictures in my mind but can’t put them on paper.


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