I saw a mouse…

…well evidence of the rodent variety in my greenhouse taking little chunks out of my beefsteak tomatoes.
Care to do anything about that Arnie?
theres a mouse

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  1. Oh sure! I’ll just wait here until he comes rustling by! Aren’t cats the last word in “Casual Attitude Unless It’s My Own Idea”? Wishing you luck with your new tiny menace. I would love to be able to grow beefsteak tomatoes.


  2. A little mouse with clogs on?

    (Am I going to have to explain that?)


  3. Well I despair 😉
    If he’s anything like Sparta he’ll let the house be overrun with them….


  4. “Moi? can’t you see I’m busy? I have sooooooooooooo many cat patrol duties- keeping your bed warm, flattening the laundry pile, distributing my hairs around the house, and now you expect me to catch MICE?! Pourquoi, pray?!”


  5. Of course not. Cats don’t hunt mice ;). I’m sure they pay the mice to be there so that more humans have a reason to get a cat in the believe they will kill them ;0


  6. I have a cat that will bring them in from outdoors to show off her hunting skill but lets them live free in the house! Love this sketch!


  7. doodlemum fan

    Short answer from Arnie “no–too busy.”


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