Summer art school.

Lesson one: Paint on what you see.
summer art school

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  1. FANTASTIC! I’m amazed that they haven’t painted each other, or their clothes…. yet!
    Angie, if the E.B parcel doesn’t come today, it might be worth asking your Postie if it’s lurking in the sorting room, or phoning/going into the main P.O. Sorry to be a nuisance, it was meant to be a lovely surprise! It will be addressed to ..Angie Doodlemum Stevens ( not sure if I put “Mrs” or not).x


  2. Ok, I’ll check. May I ask what E.B. is?


    • Emma Bridgewater, items usually packed in a cerise pink box, with white writing, saying..”.Emma Bridgewater, Feels like home” interspersed with white hearts. Rather gives the game away! I’ll email you with the address I used, just in case I chose the wrong one from the online phone book and 192.


  3. hahaha! 🙂


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