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  1. I cannot express just how much I love your drawings 🙂


  2. I know that feeling 🙂


  3. We spend all winter complaining how cold we are, and yearning for sunshine and being outdoors, then when it hits, we’re heading to the cool… indoors! Don’t worry, kids, now the summer holidays have begun, the warm weather won’t last!


    • Dear Angie, the Emma Bridgewater gift I ordered for you has been returned to Emma Bridgewater, as it was refused at the ( possibly wrong ) door. I have sent you an email showing the address I sent it to, but if you want to phone me 01539 735347 or email me…wendyely@gmx.com,when you have a spare moment(!) I’ll reorder it. They kindly offered to keep it until tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll like it, so sorry to be such a nuisance.x


  4. doodlemum fan

    What about a dip in the paddle pool?


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