Back home.

Gruff’s not coping well with being back in his bedroom on his own. I keep finding him in Evie’s room, fast asleep, with a cat snoozing on top.

two in the bed

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  1. Adorable!


  2. Vacation time is so cozy that it may take him some time to readjust to the old routine. This is such a sweet, irresistible picture!


  3. What a beautiful illustration! The other night my little one decided he wanted to try and sleep on his own, after four and half years, and all I could think was: “But I’m not ready yet”.


  4. So long as Evie doesn’t mind…..


  5. All they need now is a wet dog and a flea-ridden hedgehog! Welcome home, I hope you all had a great time- the Green M festival looked amazing! When you have a minute, Angie, please could you email me your address, if your holiday wanderings are over? This parcel is desperate to get to you! Thank you, and thanks for a gorgeous drawing.


  6. You’ve really summed up the best of sibling relationships. Adorable!


  7. This is so beautiful.


  8. So sweet x


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