Eat your greens.

Bonnie loves eating grass, she especially likes the long blades as they look the most impressive when I see them second time around…

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  1. She looks very happy to be outdoors, nibbling and nosing around!


  2. Most dogs and cats do that, despite not having the mechanism to digest them, and despite the inevitable return. There must be some trace element that’s needed.


  3. Haha, the joys of pet owning! Thank you for only showing the first time around, I was a little alarmed when I read the email heading! Bonnie looks fab.


  4. Yuck, took a mo to get what you meant then was very sad I had…!


  5. Yep my Molly was a seasoned grass eater and ‘chucker’! She spent a long time picking out the right grass so it must be something in it that they need.


  6. Can relate to this totally – great post :))


  7. My dog is quite partial to grass as well!


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