An update on the chicks.

Butter and Ninja, our chicks, are nearly sixteen weeks old now. Their little surrogate Mum, Matilda, is still taking the job very seriously and although they are rather quite big now, they’re very happy to follow her around all day. She also protects them from our other hens who will give them a sneaky peck now and again if Mum isn’t watching.
We did think for a bit we have one girl and one boy but as there is no signs of any male feathering on either of them and their combs are still quite pale, so it looks as though we have two lovely girls.
Just a case of waiting for those first eggs which should appear in the next couple of months.

chicks at 16 weeks old

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  1. Blimey, oh Riley, haven’t they grown?! ( This is what all old people are obliged to say, when viewing youngsters of any species, whom they haven’t clapped their bleary eyes on for some time. My 19 year old niece is threatening to start retorting with….”B.oh R, haven’t you shrunk?!”) Is that a Lavender Peking I see peeking behind the youngsters, or have your children smeared her with blackberries, as my 19 yr old niece did with my brother’s dog?!

    If you have time to email me your address, Angie, I’d be most grateful…


  2. Love your drawings and the way you are writing.


  3. No, Matilda is a Lavender Pekin. 🙂 No good for eggs but she’s a cracking Mum and a great brooder.


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