Getting ready.

Ironing on name tapes. Ironing small uniforms, ironing larger high school uniforms.
Next week all of my children will be in school all day.
All day.
getting ready-2

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  1. Think of that Christmas song: “It’s most wonderful time of the year”


  2. Can’t tell if you’re feeling anticipation or dread. 😉


  3. We used to have to sew on the nametapes, dozens of them. You’ll need a rest after all that ironing.


  4. Ahh I remember those times so well. New shoes ect ect ! X


  5. Awww… the kids will be fine. You may cry for a week, but it soon passes. Good luck to you all x


  6. I used to machine-sew my daughter’s name tapes on – she is now 28, and we still have labelled pinnies, tea towels and swimming towels lurking about. Strangely, she didn’t want me to do the same for university! It’s a strange time- all this hustle and bustle, knowing that next week the house will be quiet and empty. I hope you have something nice lined up for yourself, to help you through those first few days. I am desperate to send you my parcel, it will definitely make you smile!


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