Bye bye…

…and off he went, just like that, wearing a big uniform and a smile.
All three in school all day.
gruffs first day at school

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  1. Oh dear, it’s my recently turned-four-year-old’s first day of school tomorrow… I somehow doubt it would be like that for us. Here’s hoping I’m wrong!


  2. You won’t know yourself with all that peace and quiet 😀


  3. Well done Gruff. A watershed moment.


  4. Awww! Congratulations to you all! 😀


  5. A milestone in family life, brings back fond memories!


  6. Did you go home and have a big cry? It’s such a huge step, your youngest starting school, and feeling that there are huge chunks of their days that you know little about, and are not part of, but that smile on Gruff’s face says it all… Well done, Doodlemum, you’ve given your children the confidence , happiness and security to face these huge changes, cheerfully. Look after yourself, and so sorry to hassle you, but please would you email me your address soon? Thank you! xx


  7. I bet you’re rattling around in the Doodleburg wondering what to do with yourself.


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