Secret sword stash.

Gruff keeps his collection of swords under his bed. Evie has dinosaurs and dolls, Millie has enough books to raise her bed up higher than her ceiling.
Personally, I would like to stash jaffa cakes but my children’s keen nose would sniff them out.
Secret sword stash

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  1. It must keep the dust down under the kids’ beds!


  2. How can you be so hooked on Jaffa cakes and be so slim?


  3. Arnie and Bonnie would sniff out the Jaffa cake stash whilst the children are at school, and animals NEVER look guilty, only hungry!


  4. My sons’ sword collection is also quite extensive!


  5. I love your drawings , authentic , full of love and funny


  6. Ahhhh is Evie still a dinoholic?


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