Intruder alert!

A great, big, fluffy intruder slunk his way onto our roof tonight. He was really friendly and very, very fluffy (much to Evie’s delight).
So I decided to open the window to pat him and forgot I had a cat too…
Big, fluffy intruder cat is now cowering in our next door neighbours garden and Arnie is back to snoozing on Evie’s bed.
intruder alert#

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  1. Big fluffy intruder looks like my cat, Spencer; if I didn’t live so far away from you, I would guess it was him!


  2. Cats don’t like sudden meetings, do they? It took at least a week for our Cat Number 1 and Cat Number 2 to decide they could coexist. Until then they kept hissing and yelling at each other under a closed door. (Later, they liked to wash each others’ faces. Things worked out.)


  3. Oh dear! Dueling cats, not such fun!


  4. Hello, I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award. You’re blog is fab :O) You don’t need to do the entry if you do not want to, but I wanted to nominate you all the same.


  5. You forgot you had Arnie?! The kids had better watch out, or you’ll be letting stray humans in, too!


  6. This is pretty much our house, every night, but with our two cats who have lived together for 4 years. Well illustrated.


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