Good morning.

Slept well I trust?
sticky uppy hair


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  1. He’s growing into Boris Johnson. Oh great.

    • No, no ,no ,no, no…..but I see what you mean!

    • That would never happen as,
      1) Gruff lives in Swansea, he is Welsh.
      2) Gruff is educated in the state system.
      3) Gruff has no living relatives who are related to aristocracy/royalty/landed gentry/gun tooting grouse shooters/ Etonion Allumini….etc etc,
      4) I don’t fancy Boris Johnson.
      5) Gruff’s hair looks cool, Boris’ does not.
      6) Gruff’s Welsh, worth a second mention methinks.

  2. What a sweet sleepyhead….with absolutely no resemblance to a Tory knobhead whatever!

  3. Ha! I’ve seen those faces. It’s so cute!

  4. There was a funny commercial for a hair gel a while ago that showed if you wake up looking like this, you were likely kidnapped by a gorilla who drives around the neighborhood in a convertible.

  5. Ahhhh, lovely bedhead hair. My son’s the same earning him the nickname TomTom PomPom. Still call him that even though he’s 13 now and HATES it 🙂

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