My bowl’s fuller than your bowl.

I’m sorry Bonnie, Arnie does not share and does not do re-fills.
my bowl's fuller than your bowl

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  1. This looks like a scene from my house.


  2. Again with the tail thumping. You captured it perfectly!


  3. Love the artwork and the different dialect or vocabulary jumps out at me too. Looks like a fun blog to write.


  4. “Yeah, pal – the operative word being MY.”


  5. “What, not even if I wag my tail, and look pitifully hungry? At least I’m dressed for dinner at the table!”


  6. Reblogged this on Woorde and commented:
    As jy van sketse hou..lees /kyk gerus hierna. Ek geniet hierdie sketse vreeslik baie uit daaglikse doen en late .


  7. Between the colorful neckerchief and the thumping tail, Bonnie is making a powerfully persuasive plea. 😉


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