The dark.

I can’t switch off the dark lovely, I can’t switch off your imagination either.
I can put a little light on for you, leave the door open too.
There is a cat that rather likes to sleep on your bed who will keep you company.
It’ll be light very soon.
the dark

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  1. sistersaliandshay

    Love this! I have been scared of the dark since I was little and I still sleep with a night light on. Don’t think it’s a fear I will ever get over – very cute, love your drawings!


  2. Oh poor little scrap! I thought you’d got him a little lamp? if not, have you tried a little plug in night light? I put glow in the dark stars on the ceiling for my daughter, and they gradually fade, but are lovely for quite a while. have you read “The owl who was afraid of the dark”, by Jill Murphy to him? A lovely comforting book. I hope he sleeps better tonight. x


    • Thanks Wendy. He has stars, a lamp and plug in fairy lights! I think he was a very tired little boy yesterday.


      • Oh dear! All that school and growing must be wearing him out! Has that wretched parcel turned up yet? I sent it to your agents 10 days ago, for them to forward on to you…. ho hum!


      • We have it! Thank you so much, how very kind of you. Evie has made the pom pom animals and Millie has added her loom bands to her collection. Gruff has put eye patches on all his teddies, and I am slurping tea and noshing chocolate. You really shouldn’t have, thank so very much. xxx


  3. You are very, very welcome, it was a tiny gesture to say a HUGE “thank you” to you for brightening my days. I’m just glad it’s FINALLY arrived- the mug set off to you in the summer holidays- it was starting to look like it would only arrive in time for Christmas! Sorry I have ( inadvertently) added to the scary eyes pile!


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