Do cats hiccup?

Oh yes they do, I was woken up this morning by a hiccuping, purring feline.

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  1. Poor Arnie looks like he isn’t sure what’s happening to him.


  2. It usually means they’re about to throw up!


  3. Does he fart as well? Our dog used to, followed by the most innocent, surprised facial expression imaginable!


  4. Ahh sweet X


  5. Our cat Tammy would occasionally hiccup. She would then look around with an expression of offended surprise on her face as though trying to find what caused her to do that.


  6. Our cat landed on our bed hiccuping this very morning! Very prone to guzzling his food, bless him! Arnie looks torn between hiccups and purring though, poor little fellow! Hope he sorted himself out quickly! 🙂


  7. Aaaaaarrrnnniiieeeeeeeee 😀


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