The hair chewer.

hair chewer

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  1. Ahh the twirler! A few in our family.


  2. Precious drawing 😀


  3. Love this! I have one of these too!


  4. hi from indonesia, so cute. makes me remembering prince anna (frozen)


  5. So handy for an after school snack! I used to have to wash my sister’s hair ( she was 13) after she’d mistaken it for her tea, and it wasn’t pleasant! Mind you, I used to “twiddle” mine into really tight knots, that had to be cut out, so my hair habit wasn’t great, either! A lovely drawing of Marvellous Millie. I hope you are enjoying your new school and making new friends. Take care, Marvellous Millie!


  6. Oh no! My four-year-old used to do that too. Then before school started, I had her hair layered in the front, just so she would stop chewing. Hopefully, she won’t remember to chew again when her hair grows longer! x


  7. Hello, I love your art and love to visit your blog. You may check my post to see my recommendation for your blog.

    I have nominated you for Premio dardos award. Please accept this and it is entirely your wish to do the needful. Love,Soul


  8. Awww…. I have one of those!!


  9. Oh this tickled me! I was a horrid hair chewer! Until my mom chopped all my hair off.


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