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I was going to tell you about the amazing day we had going to Bristol zoo and how we saw lions, held giant spiders, saw gorillas and chased butterflies.
Unfortunately, it all started to go downhill on the journey home. The car ground to a halt just after we crossed the Severn bridge in a hour long contraflow of boredom and bumper chasing.
Finally, with just two minutes to our house, Evie decided to spectacularly projectile vomit over her father.
A few hours later with children in bed and beer drunk, my only thought is sleep and lots of it.

puky child

Having a mum as an illustrator at Halloween.

Hahahahahaha I have face paints, let me at them!
halloween millie 2014

Decisions, decisions…

…witch or vampire princess? Oh the indecision.
decisions decisions

An October picnic…

…on the beach! Rock and roll eh?
oct picnic

Half Term.

The half term tsunami of toys has hit our house. I would just like to sit down on the sofa in a thirty centimetre lego-free circumference please.
half term flood

The season of squirrels.

How utterly fabulous for Bonnie, how utterly terrifying for squirrels.
squirrels season


One of our chickens is having a particularly severe Autumn moult this year. Her new feathers are just growing through and she looks very pitiful indeed. It’s not a good look. Luckily she’s easily cheered up with a big handful of corn.

Toothy pegs.

Oooh Evie just pulled our her first milk tooth today. She’s left it on her bedside for the tooth fairy to come and collect it.

Drag racing.

This is one of my favourites, it’s how far down my arms can I physically let my coat drop before Mum will actually carry my coat for me.
I lose, every time…
coat dragging


Hello Autumn, I’m ready for you.

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