Where’s my bread?

where's my bread

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  1. This is so my dog. He is such a tail wager. Still dumbfounded he didn’t win the waggiest tail contest at the local fair though! Oh well, still love him even if he is a loser! 🙂


  2. That frantic tail wagging is either saying.. …. “It was scrumptious, thank you very much”, or the not- quite – nonchalant enough, equivalent of. ….”Who, me? Don’t know what you’re on about, Guv!” (If she was a human, this would be followed by whistling and kicking a can along the road, with her hands stuffed in her pockets!) I love Bonnie!


  3. I enjoy your sketches! They speak volumes and make me smile. We have a Bonnie as well…8 year old Golden 🙂


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