Take me to the mud.

Bonnie found the first muddy patch of the autumn today, a pig couldn’t have been happier than she was…

take me to the mud

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  1. Our Vizsla is the same way. Mud puppy is what I call him – he has yet to find a puddle he doesn’t like!



  2. Ooooh yes!
    Take some comfort in the fact that she is a short coat breed. Many a time I found a newly and expensively coiffured hairy monster luxuriating in the filthiest mud pool. Its a dog’s revenge for being taken to the groomers.


  3. “Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it for cooling the blood!”


  4. I wish mud gave me that much energy! I’ve clearly been doing something wrong all these years… I may have to go out in search of a puddle! Great drawing, you’ve caught the moment so well 🙂


  5. love your adorable view of your life! do you always have the paper/pen ready to go? or do you sketch later in the day?


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