Read me a story.

Millie insisted that Evie read to her tonight. I’ve never seen Evie look so delighted!
I remember Millie reading her a story as a newborn baby and her eyes would open wide as Millie started her story.
read me a story

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  1. Adorable!


  2. What cozy drawing, warm and loving.


  3. We are currently at the “read me the same story 100 times in a row” stage. I’m starting to think maybe I can make a buck or two on a street corner reciting children’s books from memory…


  4. Ooh I love your drawings, so talented! Who doesn’t love getting cosy with a book x


  5. Oh, this is so lovely! I know your children must squabble at times, but they obviously are very, very close to each other, and very happy to spend time together. Millie is such a fab big sister! Well done to all of you, for making such a secure, happy family. x


  6. It is so inspiring and it looks real. Hats off to your art and talent friend ! Love, Soul.


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