Evie is seven.

Lots of cake and lots of presents (some fluffy some doll shaped, one jigsaw shaped and a pile of books).
Happy Birthday my sweetest, chattiest ray of sunshine.
evie is seven


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  1. How precious, you have captured 7 year old happiness!

  2. Celebrate!!! Happy birthday, dear Evie!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EVIE! You look so happy, I hope you have a wonderful year, being seven! What was the Birthday cake like…. a dinosaur, pirate girl or a whole zoo? !

  4. Happy birthday have fun x

  5. Your doodles are fantastic. Have a terrific birthday celebration.

  6. Your drawing captures being a 7 years old birthday girl better than any text or photo could! Holding my 4 months old daughter in my arm right now, I wonder what she´ll be like 7 years from now … got a glimpse of the future looking at your picture! I adore your talent!

  7. Love the movement and happiness radiating from the sketches.

  8. Evie, as it’s a special one, I give you permission to extend your birthday by a further 24 hours.

  9. What a beautiful drawing! Happy birthday to your little lady.

  10. Seven is a wonderful age to be.

  11. Happy Birthday Evie 🙂

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