I was going to tell you about the amazing day we had going to Bristol zoo and how we saw lions, held giant spiders, saw gorillas and chased butterflies.
Unfortunately, it all started to go downhill on the journey home. The car ground to a halt just after we crossed the Severn bridge in a hour long contraflow of boredom and bumper chasing.
Finally, with just two minutes to our house, Evie decided to spectacularly projectile vomit over her father.
A few hours later with children in bed and beer drunk, my only thought is sleep and lots of it.

puky child

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  1. So sorry to hear that your wonderful day had such a miserable ending. Perhaps later – much, much, later – you can laugh about it.

    No, you’ve never heard from me before. I’m a lurker! But I get your drawings in my E-mail everyday and I totally enjoy them.



  2. I’m so sorry that your half term treat had such a volcanic ending. Been there – in a brand new car! I don’t know the ages of your children, but after the episode with our car, it occurred to me to tell my son that the feeling he had in his tummy before he was sick meant that he was going to be sick and he should tell us. It’s obvious to us but perhaps not to them.
    I hope the incident didn’t make your husband feel too unwell. What a tale he will have to tell at her wedding!!!


  3. I can remember a trip like that. New clothes had to be bought in the only available shop, to cover outraged nakedness!


  4. My daughter did this so often we considered trademarking a PukePoncho. The absolute worst was bagels and lox. Regurgitated salmon haunts me still.

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    • Sorry to laugh, but this is very, very funny! (Coming from a very old lady who has been, travel sick all her life- even without the “help” of bagels and lox, The PukePoncho is a great idea!

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  5. Poor Evie and Myles- at least he didn’t have far too drive, covered in vomit! Just think how much worse it would have been, if she’d spewed up in the hour long traffic jam! (Bursts into a tuneless rendition of “Always look on the bright si-ide of life, de dum, de diddly diddly dum!”)
    Glad they have recovered. x


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