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  1. Are you suffering an empty nest? You look lonely.


  2. very nice… simplicity n elegance


  3. Yes I agree… I hope you are ok love. I hear Liz will be near you soon… I’m glad… Big Hug. Xxxxx


  4. When this popped into my mail box, my initial thought was…”Oh, how lovely, an autumnal walk, kicking the leaves”, then I came, I clicked, and saw the comments…… I DO hope you were enjoying your walk, and not feeling lonely.Maybe a tad contemplative or melancholy? As beautiful as those colourful crunchy leaves are, everything does soon start to look bare and bleak, and I know winter time is a sad one for you. However you were feeling, you’ve done an exquisite drawing- I love all the colour and movement. Take care, and I hope you and Bonnie have a happy walk today. x


  5. Lovely drawing – hope all is ok with you too 🙂


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