My animals don’t like fireworks and nor should they. They’ll be locked up safe and warm tomorrow night.

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  1. Many years ago, around Bonfire Night, my husband had gone out to play in a ceilidh band, leaving me alone with his beloved Border Collie, Sally. I wasn’t feeling well, so was lying on the sofa, summoning up the strength to get up and go to the loo, when a MASSIVE firework went off. Sally, who had been gently snoozing on the floor by the sofa, leapt onto my tummy ( and full bladder), and lay there quivering for over an hour! We were all quite relieved ( literally, in my case) when she went deaf!


    • It’s not nice for them. We’ll be in the garden but Bonnie will be in her crate, covered with a blanket and some nice treats, in the middle of the house and Arnie will be upstairs, chickens will be locked in.


  2. Shared on my FB page: this is an important message that needs repeating every year!


  3. Couldn’t agree more – keep them all tucked in with tv or radio up to mask the noise a bit. Our old cat was petrified every year and we found that keeping the house lights up bright helped as well – no sudden visuals to worry him along with the noise. :-).


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