Come home please.

Bonnie is a rescue dog, she still isn’t brilliant at being left so I try to keep leaving her to a minimum.
Some days I have to go out without her, she has her open crate to curl up in and often, if she’s lucky, Arnie will snooze in the computer chair in the same room.
If they talked, I wonder what they would say to each other?
Probably not much, Arnie isn’t talkative…
where is everybody

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  1. My dogs are not rescue dogs, but they act the same way. Our Vizsla in particular is very clingy.


  2. Bonnie is a loving dog – of course she misses you.


  3. Poor Bonnie, she’s missing her pack! A friend of mine used to leave the radio on for her dog, which seemed to stop him feeling lonely. Another left her pooch with an”appropriate” dvd on- 101 Dalmations, Wallace and Grommit, etc,, thinking she’d enjoy the canine company,untill the neighbours told her that they made her bark! The Archers never had that effect( it just makes me barking mad!)


  4. My dogs are good about staying home alone. I am the one who has a hard time leaving them! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I do so love you’re pictures of dogs. You capture their characters perfectly. This made me think of our Roxy, who left us coming up a year now.

    I hope you don’t mind me posting a link I wrote as a way to say goodbye to her.

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures!


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