Happy birthday to my little sparkler.
five today

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  1. Ah, the Big 5! There’s something so exciting about needing all the fingers on one hand to count the years! Happy Birthday, Big Guy!


    • Haha, you are right! Once you get past ten, you have to pull your socks off, and get cold toes!


      • I still remember the day I turned ten – what a milestone! I wore my Girl Scout uniform to school and was on top of the world for the entire day and night. Fifteen and twenty gave me cold feet, socks or no! Hope you enjoyed celebrating with your family!


  2. This is lovely… sparkly cake, sparkly candle and a sparkly little ( or should that be big?) boy!
    Hip, hip,hooray, Gruff is 5 today! ( Probably yesterday but it doesn’t scan as well!) XXXXX


  3. “You were only supposed to blow the bleedin’ candles out!”


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