The board game.

Gruff received a board game for his birthday. The games consoles were swiftly dumped and the three of them have been playing it all afternoon. It’s such a lovely change and nice to see a game that has peaked their interest.
I think Gruff however still needs a bit of work on his losing skills but he’s come a long way from the sheer devastation he showed last year when he lost at happy families…
the board game

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  1. It’s hard to lose, especially if everyone else is laughing at you! But Gruff will learn like we all did that it’s part of the game.



  2. Ah that’s lovely… πŸ˜‰ xxx


  3. Well done, Gruff, at least you are a better loser than my brother Chris. Even at 15, if he was losing at Monopoly, he’d upturn the board and storm out of the room/tent ! What game are they playing? We’ve always been game players, and my 28 year old daughter always demands a game of Ludo when she’s home from London . xxxxx


  4. I’m so glad something that did not entail a screen piqued Gruff’s interest.


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    always love to play board games πŸ˜€


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