Pack your lunch…

We do this just before I post my drawing ready for school on the morning.
It saves money for us but it takes time and pleasing everyone is never going to happen.
That’s ok as tomorrow is “Crisp Friday” and everyone gets crisps in their lunch-boxes.
Don’t I know how to make Friday exciting eh?

pack your lunch

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  1. A crisp is a potato chip right? I think thats right.


  2. Where’s the “we?” I can’t see a team of buttie makers willingly assisting you! Crisp Friday, what a brilliant bribe to get through the week! It won’t be long before schools ban them, there seems to be a rise in the lunchbox police!


  3. I used to hate doing the lunch boxes, as you say it’s so hard to please them, you end up doing the same sandwiches every day! Good idea crisp Friday x


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